Anterior Hip Replacement

Alexander P. Sah

I have adopted anterior hip replacement in select patients, and am the only surgeon at the Institute performing this surgical approach.  I spent the past few years following the development of the technique through research and patient outcomes.  I trained with Dr. Joel Matta at his courses, and was fortunate to be selected by him to join the Anterior Hip Foundation and be the first to be trained through their program. 

The anterior approach has proposed advantages of not cutting muscle, improving recovery, eliminating hip precautions and limitations.  While research is somewhat mixed in proving these benefits, my clinical experience with the technique has suggested some benefits and advantages over my already rapid recovery less-invasive mini-posterior approach.  I remain selective to select the approach to what I think best serves the individual patient.

Anterior hip replacement patient walking before discharge home, "I don't have any pain."


Anterior hip replacement patient walking hours after surgery, "I have less pain than I did before surgery!"

Presentations on Anterior Hip Replacment
Alexander Sah, “My Decision to Start Anterior Hip Replacement”
Presentation at Anterior Hip Foundation Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, 2017
Alexander Sah, “Direct Anterior THA Approaches- Anterior and Superior”
Moderator at 4th Annual VuMedi- The Event, San Francisco, 2015


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